Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shamalada Healing Sanctuary- Vision, Mission, Values

Shamalada Healing Sanctuary is the calling of Susie Beiler. Shamalada is the physical culmination of Susie’s calling to create heaven on earth by bringing peace and restoration to the planet. Through stewardship of the soil, gathering community, and interactive education, Shamalada sets the standard for sustainability in the largest sense. From renovation of the grounds, to the orchestration of activities within the center and with neighbors, every effort is made to consider the community and the earth to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

To destroy our natural resources will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed. ...Theodore Roosevelt


The mission of Shamalada Healing Sanctuary is to provide a model of sustainability for the local and global community. Through organic farming, using green materials and local resources, holistic practitioners, and community educational workshops and seminars, SHS is the standard for harmonious living. Shamalada serves to rejuvenate the community and bring us back to wholeness- mind, body, and spirit by incorporating all facets of healthy living in a seamless operation.


Shamalada Healing Sanctuary restores hope for the healing of the earth and for life on this earth. Shamalada leads the way for individual, community, and planetary healing. Shamalada brings heaven to earth by offering a new paradigm for truly sustainable and harmonious living. Shamalada is a safe haven for the expression of Life, Light, and Love.


Shamalada Healing Sanctuary upholds the following values.

  • All life is sacred and worthy of our consideration and respect.
  • Integrity is implied in every aspect of our operation.
  • Simplicity- Healing occurs naturally and easily when we respect and follow universal law and the laws of nature.
  • Sustainability occurs when we consider the needs of the planet. It is in taking care of the earth that we are cared for and fully supported.
  • Collaboration in our local communities and globally is key to successful change.
  • Service to our selves and others promotes harmony within and amongst.
  • Power is acknowledged as our birthright. We choose to use this beautiful gift for the Highest Good.
  • Stewardship is our responsibility and our gift. We use our resources wisely and in careful consideration of life.
  • Purity of our space and our land is the foundation for our mission to revitalize our environment.
  • Peace starts in each of us and ripples outward to our communities.
  • Love is the purest of vibrations and dissolves all fear. SHS is founded on and maintained by Love.

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